"Camina Fantasma" is a project invited by Enclave Land Art and realized in the Vall de Gallinera in Southern Spain. "Camina Fantasma" condenses the notion of process and material transitioning from one site-responsive sculptural expression to another into a durational and performative act. “Camino Fantasma” was realized using 100 pieces of wood, which migrated over the course of 2 weeks along a picturesque mountain path, about a mile and a half long, linking the two villages of La Carroja and Beniali in the Vall de Gallinera in Allicante, Spain. In the process the wood morphed from one sculptural form to another, four times over. Each of the 4 installations (except for the last one) was only in existence for one day, each taking up three days of the ongoing work process: one day installing the work, one day the work being in existence, and the third day de-installation of the work and moving the wood to the next site. The last installation, Fantasma #4, is to remain in place for an unspecified amount of time, and will be allowed to receed back into the forest. But it is important to consider that this last installation is not a discreet sculpture, but a remnant of a process, a temporary manifestation of material in transition, and that there were three distinct sculptural forms as part of its history.

I like to think of the structures as Ghosts as they have left their material form and have moved on into another form. Ghosts exist as long as the spirit of the expression still captures our imagination. A ghost ceases to exist when the imagination does not engage with the spirit anymore. And that will mark the life span of this particular work.

The four iterations along this “procession through the valley” are, however, not intended to be solipsistic formal mutations along the road, either, but each installation intends to partake in a specific moment of the surrounding landscape. As such the project engages with the specificities of the surrounding landscape – as a temporary ghostly imprint, as a momentary dialog with the topography and topology that opens up as one moves along the path.